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-Determine your video content (and for whom)

This will define your path through the way on your video helping with the content you will make, who you are making this content for, what should people expect to take from this video as well

-Outline the video topics and types you’ll create

When creating a video is not only about you or who you are is knowing who you are targeting to but also what implementations you want to achieve with it, also aware of who is going to watch it.

Under this content we also have what are you going to do with your video and what kind of video should you record in order to achieve what are you looking for. For example:

  • Recorded webinars
  • Helpful how-to videosbarchart
  • Thought leadership interviews
  • Product explainers and detailed demos
  • Support-topic walkthroughs
  • Company culture videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Documentary-like case studies, and more

Responsible for Content

This could be very delicate depending on your budget or what you are trying to aim. However, you should have someone that takes care of all the requirements needed to create a video such as scenography, scripts, concepts and so communication strategy model copyEffectiveness

  • Creativity
  • Simplicity
  • Experience
  • Clearness
  • Promote action
  • Easy way to find you
  • Build a story


Promotions nowadays are one of the biggest ways to become successful. In order to be known and recognize you need to spread your voice and get notice. There is nothing wrong using certain medias in order to get some popularity among people. The key in this is to build a relationship with your viewers and showing them what you have. Some of the actions that may be taken in order to achieve this are:

-Guest blogging

-Email list content

-Social media



Content Publishing

In this case is where you are going to to publish your material in order for it to become public. As we said before it is really important to know what public you are aiming for in order to know where you are going to publish it. Even though YouTube is always a good idea you may also want to create your own blog or page so people can actually see your develop and any other interaction you may have with the interested people. Like a said since YouTube can be a good source, but they still only care about people entering their website and managing for the best toward them.Right-Way-to-Go-Digital

Perseveration and Innovation

This two will lead you to success in any ambit. This is because with perseveration you will keep going on further and giving your best at all times no matter what. When achieving this level of perseveration success is granted most of the time. With innovation you will keep your viewers intrigued with what new things you will come up next and never get bored of what you are portraying to them, that will also drag the attention of them at all times.


The value of using video is that you can create a story that many of us can be identify. This most o f the times create a connection between the customer and the company providing the service, goods or any other thing available in the market. Although over the years this kind of marketing are only going to increase, because it work hand in hand to technology which, is in the era we are living now. New forms may come in the way but there is nothing more powerful than actually watching a 30 second video in which they create a story with plenty of feelings where you can feel identify and moved.


As we have said since the beginning creating a story is much more valuable than actually talking and bragging about your brand. In this video we can perceived how Nike create an emotional connection with their customer and their brand in order to form a bond between them. Creating a story through out an ad is the best way to connect with people is what makes us human touching our deepest level in order to find our motivation and establishing a connection. With this video they try to achieve motivation for a lot of people to do things they were scared to do or never had the courage to do it, but with this campaign they gave confidence to the spectator to achieve something new.

Nike: Find Your Greatness 



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