online advertisements, email and social media marketing campaigns


A) Describe the major customer acquisition techniques and describe how these organizations carry out campaigns with this objective. If they don’t execute these types of campaigns, then provide suggestions on how they could do this.

-Email promotions: helps improve the business relationship with the customer and it is very important for any online business success and any marketing strategy.

-Online advertising: are paid ads that publishers post on their websites to make them published your service or content, also attracts more traffic to your site but sometimes it can become really expensive.

-Search engine marketing: its purpose is to promote websites that according to your searching engine it would increase their visibility in your search result page

-Social marketing media: is the procedure of picking up site activity or consideration through online networking destinations

-Affiliated programs: Program that includes two or more companies that work in conjunction to give a certain level of advantage to one another

-Portal deals: an extraordinary approach to getting your best advertising materials into deals’ hands.

-Viral marketing (Word-of-mouth): A type of marketing that is done voluntarily by the clients of the advertising company.

-Offline advertising and promotion: this was implemented to mass media that implemented commercial messages to big audiences.

-Events and public relations: is the act of dealing with the spread of information of a product, service, etc. between an individual or an association and customers.

f21logoForever 21

This company is one of the biggest clothing stores in the U.S, this company has most of the techniques mention before, they have made a major advance through marketing and you can find them in almost every social media.They are keeping up with their clients and always offering new stuff through emails, also providing events and promotion for their customers.

Victoria’s Secret

This company has a made an impact in women’s daily live and their approach to the public has been great in the past few years. This company has offered most of the techniques stated before and they are always in touch with their clients, sending coupons or online discount in order for people to purchased and make customer feel part of their Brand as well.

Bank BHD Leon

Many banks have followed their lead; this company is a very good example of how marketing has to be done in an effective way in our country. This bank was the first of many to implement a credit card for the needs of women and they keep adding new things to their promotional market. I believe that they have implemented all the techniques above very effectively.

B) Describe the services of an ad serving company and explain their method of targeting ads. For the Dominican company, would you suggest that they advertise online using an ad serving company, pay per click ads, or instead advertise on Facebook or another social media platform? Explain your recommendations. For the other two companies, investigate what type of online advertising and/or search engine marketing campaigns they have.

-The services of an ad serving company is an important activity of third-party marketing services firms that match an advertiser’s need for targeted ad placement with a Publisher need for revenue-generating ad son its site.

-Method of targeting ads:

  • Data driven demographics: as its name implies, targets ads to people based on demographic information such as their gender, age range, income, ethnicity, etc.
  • Behavioral: ads are served up based on the interests of the website visitor.
  • Contextualcm 3: is a type of focused on promoting for promotions showing up on sites or other media, for example, something showed in mobile browsers.
  • Channel: is a method for characterizing diverse material segments of a site and applying a different arrangement of conveyance limits for every channel
  • Geographic: target an ad to specific visitors based on their location – including country, city, postal code, and other locale information.
  • Re-targeting: is intended for users who have already visited an online store and not buy anything, and encourages them to return through targeted advertising on the pages you visit later.

Bank BHD Leon:

Actually this company amaze me with their marketing provide to the public, this is because they have applied all the marketing features to their company there is not even one resource I could think of which they don’t have. One of the things that I think they should implement more is the ad, which I believe I haven’t seen much of them.

Forever 21:

-Social Media: Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram

-Internet marketing: Google ad words (Exchange old for new), search engine marketing (Google, yahoo, bing)

-Mobile marketing: app development

Victoria’s Secret:logo-Victoria_s_Secret

-Social Media: Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram

-Mobile marketing: app development

-Offline marketing: TV and radio ads

C) Describe the steps involved in developing an email campaign and explain how each organization is performing these activities.

Profile and segment list: the customer database should have data, the volume of which grows over time that allows a descriptive profile or segmentation analysis that produces typical demographic or lifestyle segments.

Establish a communication Schedule: the case of sending emails makes it tempting to send an email whenever the firm feels like it.

Developed specific program objective: each mailing should have its own specified target segment and specific objectives.

Write compelling copy: email copy should be only as long as it’s necessary to convince the recipient to take the desired action.


Structure your email to be received and opened: in their effort to control spam, ISPS has setup filters in an attempt to remove the offenders.

Create links to further information: the website must be examined to ensure that it is ready to receive visitors from the email.

Make it easy to readers to take action: marketers need to specify what it is they want recipients to do after recipients click-through to the site.

Test and revise the email: important things to test include the preheader, subject line and the offer. A test can be mailed to only a selected segment of the target list.

Measure results: results will also include maintenance issues like bounce backs and unsubscribes. Detailed reporting is usually available with most email service providers.

Integrate learning into the next email program: most organizations today will find themselves doing another email campaign rather quickly.

Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, and BHD Leon are companies that know how to manage themselves very well through email. They have always performed a good service to their clients offering coupons and always keeping up to date on what i son the market.

D) Explain the elements of developing a social media marketing strategy and describe what social media platforms the organizations are using and how they are engaging with their target audience.

  • Listen: there are tools to trace kit, the best known of which is undoubtedly Google alerts


  • Communicate: Communication is always understood in the context and experience of the receiver, no matter what was intended.
  • Engage: the marketer communication needs to be relevant and engaging, or it will not work for the strategy.
  • Collaborate: product reviews are one of the important ways in which marketers can encourage customer collaboration. It provides content that is not only important to shoppers but to which social media marketers must listen, paying attention to both positive and negative reviews.

Forever 21: Facebook, twitter, YouTube, pinterest, instagram

Victoria’s Secret: Facebook, twitter, YouTube, pinterest, instagram

BHD Leon: Facebook, twitter, YouTube, pinterest, instagram

All of these companies are providing their support, offers and coupons also through this media. Customer are able to be up to date because of this engaging they have to the community, providing the best of all in the given areas.

E) In addition, for each example make sure to identify their target market; objective of the campaigns, and evaluate the design and execution of the online ads, email messages and social media presence.

  • Forever 21:
  1. Target market: Their target market includes all ages, genders, and sizes—anyone who understands the importance of fast fashion, but still appreciates affordable luxury.
  1. Objective campaigns: Forever 21 objective campaign is to increase their sales by promoting fast fashion model, getting new fashion trends to stores as quickly as it possibly can, and then selling at a low price. Teens are increasingly spending less on apparel. This makes Forever 21’s low price point’s key to getting the customer’s attention,
  1. Design and execution of online ads: Forever 21 makes efficient advertising by having famous artists on their promotional selection of today’s fashions, it reflects that their always changing and always in style.
  1. Email messages: They send coupons and offers through email to its entire customer, in order to keep up their contact.
  1. Social Media presence: They have a strong presence in social medias such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and pinterest. In which they promote their clothes.

customer 1

  • Victoria’s Secret:
    1. Target market: Customers that are sexy, confident, and have a desire for sensual fashion; Targets middle class women; Ages 20-40; does NOT specifically target Young women; it also targets men shopping for girlfriend, wife, etc.
  1. Objective campaigns: To establish Victoria’s Secret as a top retailer of premium women lingerie
  1. Design and execution of online ads: in the design of an online ad, VS tries to promote their Brand by carefully selecting models they believe female customers will relate to.
  1. Email messages: their email message represent their essence by providing their customer with coupons and discount every now and then in order to be up to date with their customers.
  1. Social Media presence: Facebook, twitter, YouTube, pinterest, instagram, LinkedIn, Google+
  • BHD Leon:
  1. Target market: People 18 years or older searching for a bank to save their money.
  1. Objective campaigns: to be the best Dominican performing financial institution recognized by their closed relationship with its customers and to have the best people in the market.
  1. Design and execution of online ads: They are publishing many ads through instagram, television, radio, and banners. Recently theybhdleon started an advertisement on supporting all of the Dominican mothers, in mother’s day.
  1. Email messages: their email messages have gone far beyond the keep their clients informed of everything that is happening in the economy, besides every time their clients uses their credit card they informed them through an email as well.
  1. Social Media presence: Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube



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