Online Ads, E-mail and Social Media Marketing Campaigns

crm_model 12-steps

Describe the major customer acquisition techniques and describe how these organizations carry out campaigns with this objective. If they don’t execute these types of campaigns, then provide suggestions on how they could do this.

  1. Knowing what’s the business’ position in the market: Before dispatching a securing technique, its imperative to for a business to know where it is inside of its segment. It should as of now have an abundance of explanatory experiences on key measurements and have admittance to key execution measures on how your computerized channels are performing.
  1. Objetives: Any successful strategy, has its goals laid out in regards to what he business is planning to accomplish and why. A possibility for this would be to discover the business’ savvy destinations.
  1. Who is your target audience? Having a client history and kind of gathering of people arrangement is fundamental to draw in clients. To breathe new life into this, it is essential to know and comprehend who the business is planning to concentrate on, subsequently, the business can now whose consideration they have to discover through their advertising.
  1. Choosing the right acquisition tactics: Presently start to characterize how the target will be acknowledged by recognizing which computerized elevating strategies you plan to use as a procurement system. To anticipate the completing of the target, the right strategies should be utilized. The picked strategies should be advocated from the discoveries uncovered in assessing the current client.
  • Macy’s: Macy’s has set up their objectives and has positioned in the top 3 brands in the market. By using vertical retailing as a strategy to control quality and cost while offering exclusive products Macy’s is able to compete with their main competitors and keep their customers influenced by their brand. Also by continuing to launch new brands, Macy’s is diluting what they currently carry with similar merchandises and Macy’s strategy of the Millenials customer is making them take a high share on the retail business.
  • American Airlines: American Airlines has also set up their objectives and is competing effectively with the main airlines in the market, mainly in America. They target anyone that needs to travel throughout America offering the cheapest the tickets with comfortable planes. American Airlines has now merged with US airways in order to get a higher share on the market to leave their competitors behind.
  • Farmacia Carol: has launched a process of change with a new focus on their main objective is to have as its operations center customer. They target anyone that needs medicines. Their mission is to Offer our clients the best service Pharmacy in Dominican Republic, managing to satisfy their needs medicine, nutrition and personal care in a friendly and highly professional environment that exceeds the expectations of service.

Describe the services of an ad serving company and explain their method of targeting ads. For the Dominican company, would you suggest that they advertise online using an ad serving company, pay per click ads, or instead advertise on Facebook or another social media platform? Explain your recommendations. For the other two companies, investigate what type of online advertising and/or search engine marketing campaigns they have.

Advancement serving organizations are organizations that give the innovation and administration that places notices on sites. They give programming to sites and promoters to serve ads, tally them, pick the ads that will make the site or promoter most cash, and screen advancement of distinctive publicizing battles. Advertisement serving organizations have distinctive systems for targeting their ads which are:

  • Behavioral Targeting: Using a profile of former behavior from the viewer to figure out which advertisement to demonstrate amid a given visit. For instance, targeting auto ads on an entryway to a viewer that was known not went by the car segment of a general media site.
  • Contextual Targeting: Inferring the ideal commercial situation from data contained on the page where the advertisement is being served. For instance, setting mountain-bike ads naturally on a page with a mountain biking article.
  • Creative Optimization: Using trial or prescient strategies to investigate the ideal creative for a given advertisement arrangement and abusing that determination.

Macy’s: Macy’s is focused on making entertain and innovative promoting comercials or ads that will represent their values and purposes to their customers. The way that Macy’s is retaining their clients by their M.O.M strategy is making them to keep positioned at the top 5 of the retail market. Whether through interpersonal organizations, versatile applications or computerized telecast mediums, Macy’s is making their customer feel the experience of being part of the Macy’s Family. With customers investing and spending more time on the web Macy’s is taking this in their advantage by making their ads more attractive and use it to influence their customers. I think Macy’s is implementing very good strategies in order to keep growing and taking a good view from their customers.

American Airlines: American Airlines is running a new advertising campaign highlighting its decades of service on these routes. In addition to travelers from the entertainment business, American is also attempting to reach those in the innovative business, “Wall Street types,” and “people we normally target for corporate sales. Digital advertising includes three 15-second videos, all featuring vintage black and white movies of American’s transcontinental service juxtaposed with their 2014 shading counterparts.

Farmacia Carol: they use their online network to receive queries, to inform what they have been doing in the country and as for social media marketing I suggest Farmacia Carol should enhance more and start making more social media and online ads for example in Facebook in order to call the attention of the customers they don’t have.

Describe the steps involved in developing an email campaign and explain how each organization is performing these activities.

1. Know Your Audience: Creating a successful email marketing campaign starts with defining your readers. Take some time to take a seat and really determine who will be reading the emails you will be sending.

2. Create a Content Plan: Once you have identified your audience next you must develop the actual content for your emails. This step is crucial so take your time and consider exactly what message you want to send and how you want to convey it. One of the hardest things for most new email marketers is concocting what to write about.

 3. Choose a Delivery Rate: Since you have content and a plan, concocting a delivery rate is the next step. Best practices suggest, don’t send your correspondence too frequently as that may be off-putting to both current and potential customers.

4. Setup Your Email Account and Email Marketing Provider: Since you have content and a plan, concocting a delivery rate is the next step. Best practices suggest, don’t send your correspondence too frequently as that may be off-putting to both current and potential customers.

5. Build Your List: As you begin your email marketing a continual goal ought to be to assemble your list, grabbing as many interested subscribers as possible. There are numerous ways to do this depending on your audience, for example, Opt-In forms embedded into your website, or as a pop-up. You can also utilize social media and other channels of advancement to increase your subscribers.

6. Track Results & Make Adjustments: Once you have complied your email list and sent out your email marketing organization, now is the right time to monitor your success. Be sure to be watchful of your headlines, content and timing. These are all factors that can have a major impact on your email campaign.

  • Macy’s: Uses email campaigning to make consumers aware of their new offers and new activities for the season. Also Macy’s sends them exclusive gifts that can be used in any Macy’s store. You just need to subscribe and leave your email.
  • American Airlines: One strategy for progress in the e-mail marketing space is as simple as a friendly reminder or reminders and American is using this. Also important to note, every e-mail American sent to a site visitor featured rich visual content. American Airlines found that sending people pictures of their ideal destinations edged them closer to conversion.
  • Farmacia Carol: page states that email campaigning with its customers is not really marketing, but more of the business cycle use to place orders and make quotes besides getting to know what Carol is doing throughout the country.

Explain the elements of developing a social media marketing strategy and describe what social media platforms the organizations are using and how they are engaging with their target audience.

  1. Identify business goals: Look closely at the company’s overall needs and decide how you want to use social media to contribute to reaching them.
  1. Set marketing objectives: Have specific parameters that define when each is achieved.
  1. Identify ideal customers: Know the target audience’s age, occupation, income, interests, pains, problems, obstacles, habits, likes, dislikes, motivations and objections.
  1. Research Competition: Compile a list of at least 3-5 main competitors. Search which social networks they’re using and analyze their content strategy.
  1. Choose channels and tactics: Avoid wasting time in the wrong place. Know which primary and secondary social networks you should core interest.
  1. Create content strategy: Content and social media have a harmonious relationship: Without great content social media is meaningless and without social media nobody will consider your content. Use them together to reach and convert your prospects. 
  1. Allocate budget and structure: Make a list of resources needed, included the annual projected expenses.

-Macy’s and American Airlines: Macy’s and American Airlines are throughout all the social Media and what they look forward with these is not to bring more customers and keep the ones they have but also to interact with them and bring them a good experience of the company or business. Macy’s and American Airlines social Media Platforms are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Tumblr

-Farmacia Carol: uses the social media in order to keep their customers and bring new customers that are in the competitions hand because their main objective is to become the #1 in the market of the Dominican Republic. Farmacia Carol Social Media Platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube 

In addition, for each example make sure to identify their target market; objective of the campaigns, and evaluate the design and execution of the online ads, email messages and social media presence.


  • Target Market: people from 8-35 years old
  • Objective of Campaign: attract and share experience with their customers.
  • Design and Execution of Online Ads: engaging and motivational ads
  • Email Messages: Good
  • Social Media Presence: very strong

-American Airlines:

  • Target Market: International and business travelers
  • Objective of Campaign: attract more business travelers that still don’t fly with them often.
  • Design and Execution of Online Ads: their ads make you feel the experience of flying with them.
  • Email Messages: good
  • Social Media Presence: strong

-Farmacia Carol:

  • Target Market: anyone that needs medicine
  • Objective of Campaign: be the #1 in the pharmacy market
  • Design and Execution of Online Ads: their ads are not very innovative or attractive so they should work more on them.
  • Email Messages: good
  • Social Media Presence: not strong



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