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Farmacia Carol

  • Business Goals: To offer clients the best pharmacy service in Dominican Republic, managing to satisfy their needs of medicine, nutrition and personal care in a friendly and highly professional environment that exceeds the expectations of service.
  • Campaign Objectives: To be the preferred pharmaceutical choice to Dominican families.
  • Specific Product Offering: High variety of medicine and personal care products.
  • Target Market: Everybody in the need of medicine.
  • Purchase Motivations:
    • Why would they be interested in the product offering?
      • Because they offer the biggest variety of products in one place.
    • What would convince them to buy?
      • The well esteemed reputation the pharmacy already has.
    • Search terms they would use to locate the offering
      • Best health provider
      • Medicine
      • Pharmacy
      • Health carebru1 001
      • Insurance
      • Health
      • Hygiene
      • Personal care
      • Pills
      • Best service
    • Campaigns:
      • Medicine
      • Cosmetics
    • Keyword Report
    • Ad Report

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