• Business Goals: work to be an efficient and profitable provider of financial, personal and business services, in the local and international market. Fulfill their social function, guaranteeing the satisfaction of their customers, employees, and shareholders, supported by the development of their human capital and modern technology, in accordance with the highest ethical and legal principles.
  • Campaign Objectives: Be the predominant group of financial services for the Dominican Republic , with profitable growth , which will satisfy the needs of personal , business and corporate customers , through our human capital, technological capacity , reputation and brand awareness of our wide our customer base and supply channels to serve .
  • Service offer: Checking and Savings Accounts, Retirement Accounts, Mortgages, Credit Cards, Alternative Investments, Financial Management, Safe Deposit, Various types of consumer loans
  • Target Market: People with financial needs from 18 years and above.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 17.22.24

  • Acquire service Motivations:
    • Safe place for your money
    • Internet Banking
    • Offers provider
    • Rewards given
    • Lower rates in the market
    • General words to find your service
    • Credit cards
    • Loans
    • Bank account
    • Debit card
    • Safe deposit
    • Payment orders
    • Money transfer
    • Internet banking
    • Vehicle loan
    • Mortgage loan
  • Campaigns:
    • BHD BANK

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